All the main UK political parties have now published their manifestos, setting out their stalls ahead of the general election on 7 May. Here are their positions on drug policy.

If drug use is going down, then isn’t this proof that our approach to drugs is working? It seems at first glance like a reasonable assumption to make. The Prime Minister certainly thought it was a plausible counter-argument to the widespread calls for decriminalisation witnessed last week.
The long-delayed report released today by the Home Office highlights how its own approach to drugs is not based on evidence. In particular, the report – which looks at the effectiveness of other countries’ drug policies – concludes that harsh penalties for drug users have no effect on levels of drug use.
In advance of the parliamentary debate on UK drug policy this Thursday, 30 October, Release and Transform sent the briefing below to all 650 MPs, to highlight why this debate is so important and why an impact assessment of current policy is so badly needed.